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Patricia Laigneau, the Rivau gardens creator

The Rivau gardens creator

Patricia Laigneau is a real garden artist although she studied at the National Landscaping School of Versailles. Her first Art History Studies at the Louvre School gave her a sense of composition and a rare sensivity to colors. She is both a visionary and a creator and was therefore able to conceive the gardens of Rivau.

Bringing together her botanical expertise and artistical point of view, Patricia Laigneau creates a new kind of gardens. This garden type is quite different from French traditional gardens and closer to naturalistic gardens but influenced by contemporary art concepts. Patricia Laigneau adds new types of botanical associations, coulour compositions and ways of designing volumes to the traditional gardening art. Her mass effects creates new types of voumes in Rivau's flowerbeds.

Patricia Laigneau


Conférences Et Jurys Patricia Laigneau shares her knowledge and exchanges with other garden specialists during Garden conferences and Fairs.

Recent Conferences :
- Moscow Garden Festival : Gardens and Imagination, in July 2016
- St Petersbourg Garden Festival : Gardens and Imagination in June 2016
- APJRB : Colours in the Garden in April 2016
- Meeting between French Gardens and Imperial Gardens of China in Beijing : The importance of Sustainability in a Garden in September 2015