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Pumpkin And Conservatory Of Old Vegetable Of The Region

Seeing it will arouse your appetite : the 2 half moon formed gardens of the Gargantua kitchen garden display gigantic vegetables on a plaited chestnut platform. On it, pumpkins, artichokes and enormous cabbages mingle with the flowers to form a pantagruelian feast.In Rivau kitchen garden there is a collection of 43 varieties of pumpkins.

Some are eatable like the butternut, the Potimarrons, the red Etampe Pumpkin, the Fat Yellow Parisian, the Touraine Pumpkin, the Berry Sucrine, the Galeux of Eysine, Muscade Pumpkin, the Amber Pumpkin, The Hungarian Blue, the Jarrahdale, the Blue Ballet, the Red Warty, the Marina di Chiogga, the Flat White Boer, the Ambercup, the Vendée Melonette Jaspée, the Siam Pumpkin, the Spaguetti Pumpkin, Long pumpkin from Nice, the Full Pumpkin from Napples. All those can be eaten at the Restaurant of le Rivau (depending on the day menu).

Other Pumpkin are mostly decorative like teh Lunga from Napoli, the Yugoslavian Finger, the Patisson, the Bottle Pumpkin, the Kamo kamo, the Dipper Pumpkin, Herucle Pumpkin, the Sponge, the Caveman’s Club, the Cucomber Pumpkin, the Jumpkin Cucomber, the Pink Jumbo Banana, the Lady Godiva, the Aladin Turban, the Acorn, the Jack O’ Lantern, the Baby Doo, the Pelerine Pumpkin, the Stripped Cochiti Pueblo, or the Kootor.

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