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Perenials And Ornemental Grass

Welcome to colours ! In the little thumbling Garden in august ornemental grasses and perenials share a beautiful golden colour. The Rudbeckias Goldsturm keep company to theHeleniums Morheim beauty. The big Rudbeckias Herbstsonne bring a bright yellow lighting to the flowerbed of Kniphophias Tawny King, and the Montbretias George Davidson give an orange colour to the hight ornemental Calamagrostis Karl Foerster .

pivoine Haku Unkaku

Red Perenials

For the ones that love the red colour, the Fairies Garden has beautiful ornemental Imperata Red Baron, Giant Eole Dahlias, Eos, Lord of Landaff or Bishop of Auckland.

In the garden of the phoenix the white Lysimaques Cléthroîdes mix with the purpleHeucheres Georgia Peach.

If mauve is your favorite colour,the association of theTeucrium Hircanicum, the Iranian Germandrée and the Seslerias Autumnalis in Rapunzel’s Garden is amazing.

aout dans les jardins

August Associations

In the Scented Allee white and blue colours mix with the associations of romainCamomiles and Scabiosa columbaria. The Phlow panicula blue paradise measure up with the Clematis Wyevale.At the end of the month of August the Echinops Ritro and the Amorpha Canescenswill bloom.

August Roses


The English roses of the secret garden of the castle Rivau bloom again in August. Those roses avec pink colored flowers that bloom during all of summer. Les Purple Coneflower (Echineacea) of love potion garden associate with the Verbena bonariensis.


The Kitchen Garden In August


For the food lover, August is the month where le Rivau’s collection of Pumpkins and the conservatory of old vegetable of the region mingle with dahlias and nasturtium in Gargantua’s Kitchen Garden.
Un magnifique jardin, véritable mise en bouche des autres régals à voir en plein été dans les jardins du Rivau.

Potager du Rivau