In the middle of the countryside, the Rivau castle offers a unique experience with two restaurants that use short-course catering with the vegetables and edible plants of the garden. The Rivau produces organic vegetables, truffles and wines and is very engaged towards fresh produce ! We are also keen to help our rural neighbours by buying their produce directly from them. Our approach and our actions are committed and local, in line with our ideal of sustainable development and our vision of tourism.

La Table des Fées offers homemade salads, soups, quiches and cakes made from our own vegetables or those of our neighboring farmers. It’s a simple yet fresh meal, with total control over provenance. La Table des Fées has the Clef Verte label and offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. La Table des Fées is open for lunch and is only accessible to visitors who have paid the entrance fee.


– The Jardin Secret, our intimate gourmet restaurant, offers a creative and refined cuisine. The products of our beautiful Touraine region are highlighted and sublimated, while respecting and preserving their true taste. Our innovative cuisine is inspired by our gardens and nature. The Jardin Secret is open for lunch and dinner, except on Monday lunchtime. Visit to the gardens and the castle is free for guests of the Jardin Secret.

table des fees du rivau

La Table des Fées

gastronomic restaurant rivau

Jardin Secret

Our own production

Organic vegetables from our kitchen garden and wild edible plants from our gardens enrich our recipes and production, adding little-known flavors to our restaurant dishes. We produce organic soups using rare pumpkins. We also produce four Chinon wines. Soups and wines are served in our two restaurants, and are available for sale in our boutique.

Potager du Rivau

Garden’s production

degustation de vin

Our 4 wine of Chinon

Rivau Honey production

Honey of our flowers