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Perennial Associations

The month of July is the month of the association of perennials in Rivau gardens. It is the time of maturity, the time in which each plant puts another plant forward. Those associations are based on harmony and opposition, just like it would be for a couple even though each of our 14 gardens of Rivau have their own theme.
lavandes au Rivau

Red Perennials

In the fayries’ path, the color theme is red and the association of Achillea Pomegranate and the red roses William Shakespear 2000 is breathtaking. This garden also has in july the association of the ruby red Crocosmias Lucifer and the white Sanguisorba Alba, that is quite amazing. Other red seasonal bloom like the Hémerocalles American revolution, the dahlias Mascarade, Eole and Bishoff of Llandaff in the Cassinina garden. In the garden of the commons of the castle Knautias macédonicas are associated with the silver leave of Stipa tenuifolia.
Cassina au chateau du rivau

Yellow Perennials

In the yellow colored Thumbling Garden, Citrine hémérocalles , are associated to the delicate yellow hémérocalles Ice Carnival and the orange colored Howard Johnson or the red orange ofHémérocalles Fulva. There is also an association with the Olive Green and orange leaves of Carex Testacea.

Kniphofias or tisons de Satan Tawny King have an apricot colored flower that are associated with the grandes Aunées or the Inulas helenium.
There is also a yellow based opposition between the yellow butter collor of the Thalictrum flavum glaucium and the black grained Isactis tinctoria.

juin au jardin

White Perennials

As for the association of the white bloom : Centranthus ruber Albus the Gallegas Officinalis, the tousand stars of the Deutzia Setchuenensis and the white roses. On each sides clématites give a blue coloration to this beautiful white garden

Other July Bloom

Numerous types of lavenders mix and bloom in July in our lavender garden, for example :Lavandula vera, Lavandula X intermedia Seal or thelavandula loddon pink with Twickel purple Lavenders.
July is also the perfect month to discover in Rivau Gardens, the spectacular Veronicastrum Fascinationcombined with the leaves of the Panicum Dallas Blue.