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Art in the castle

Between medieval and modern art

The Château du Rivau displays a dialogue between modern and and ancient art. Many medieval furniture are displayed and contemporary artist exhibit their art every year. This is a special feature of Le Rivau : rooms are furnished in the manner of a cabinet of curiosities, combining art and ancient furniture with contemporary works, thus blending periods and styles.


Patricia Laigneau, Curator of the exhibition and Founder of the Château, has a clear artistic approach : she puts the spotlight on women artists, humor, playfulness and irony, and works on the imaginary and the marvellous to make us dream through the works of art. In addition to regular acquisitions, a new temporary exhibition is added to the permanent tour every year.


One of the great castle of the Loire Valley, Le Rivau has been passionately restored by its current owners, combining period furniture with works of art by renowned contemporary artists. The large rooms, where the spirit of Renaissance curiosities lives on, exude the atmosphere of a grand, lived-in stately home.

Salle interieur du festin de baltazar
Jeanne d’Arc

Temporary exhibitions in the castle

A new temporary exhibition is added to the permanent tour every year. With enchantment as a common thread, conducive to invention and creation, le Château du Rivau invites the artists of our time to a contemporary reinterpretation of a medieval castle. Their creatures slip wittily into the midst of famous figures from French history, turning this poetic castle into the realm of fairy tales.


In 2024, the theme of the exhibition is Effervescences at the Château du Rivau. You can visit it every day between April 1st and November 11th 2024. The exhibition is included in your admission ticket.

2024 : Effervescences

Art Exhibition 2023 Enchant the Earth

2023 : Enchanted the earth

2018 Le Beau, la Belle et la Bête

2022 : Garden, mirror of the world

2021 Gout de l’art

2021 and 2020 : Taste of Art

Andres Serrano

2019  : Leonardo da Vinci

2018 Le Beau, la Belle et la Bête

2018 : Beauty and the Beast

2017 La Vie de Château

2017 : Castle Life

2016 Fantômes et Apparitions

2016 : Ghosts

Salle interieur du festin de baltazar

2015 : Chimeras and marvels

2013 l’art de la Parure

2014 : Secret

2013 l’art de la Parure

2013 : The art of adornment

Sculptures in the garden