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Effervescences at Château du Rivau
The new Modern Art exhibition in the Loire Valley

Each year, a new exhibition invites visitors to explore and discover the ideas of renowned and emerging artists of our time, continuing the spirit of the curiosity cabinets of the 16th century. In 2024, Patricia Laigneau, curator of the exhibition Effervescences at Château du Rivau, propose a thematic exhibition on the new ideas that are shaking up the cultural world and the fields of thought.

Eugenio Merino, Celebrating destruction, exposition au Château du Rivau

Eugenio Merino, Celebrating destruction, 2024

To discover from April 1st to November 11th, 2024

The exhibition Effervescences at Château du Rivau, on display in the furnished rooms of the castle, brings together some forty modern and contemporary artists.


It takes visitors on a journey through art that is bubbling up through the prism of the great artists of our time and emerging artists, driven by a concern for the living world, for the planet, for a better cohabitation between man and nature, and for the prospects opened up by artificial intelligence.


In the castle, a sensitive trail invites visitors to take a visual and sensory approach to works by David Altmejd, Carlos Aires, Elodie Antoine, Gilles Barbier, Pauline Bazignan, Romain Bernini, Bianca Biondi, Michel Blazy, Corinne Borgnet, Sylvain Ciavaldini, Bryan Crockett, Hélène Delprat, Marie Denis, Matthieu Dufois, Richard Fauguet, Paul Fraier, Raymond Hains, John Isaacs, Laurie Karp, Christian Marclay, Filip Markiewicz, Eugenio Merino, Robert Montgomery, Meret Oppenheim, Laurent Pernot, Till Rabus, Antoine Roegiers, RU Xiao Fan, Mat Saunders, Jeanne Suspuglas, Rikrit Tiravanija, Nicolas Tourte, Jean-Luc Verna and the artist duo Broadbeck et de Barbuat.


This exhibition continues in the gardens, with tactile and olfactory correspondences through the succulent plants (fascinating waxy, downy or thorny plant beauties) presented in the new bioclimatic greenhouse.

Expo Art - Christian Marclay - Actions Whupp Shlump Sloosh Slutch

Christian Marclay, Actions Whupp! Shlump Sloosh Slutch, 2013