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Hommage to Leonardo da Vinci at the Château du Rivau

April 1st – November 3th, 2019

To celebrate Leonardo da Vinci on the 500th anniversary of his death, Le Rivau is hosting three events : a contemporary art exhibition, a conference, and a renaissance-style ball. These events are part of the exceptional Loire Valley programmation.

This show aims to put into a modern persepective all the different things brought to us by Leonardo. Artists of today discuss their debt to Leonardo and to the Renaissance Period in general .Two pieces have been lent to the exhibition by the National Museums of artwork : Gabrielle d’Estrée as Artemis and The Judgement of Midas.   In the rooms of the castle, and seen through the eyes of over thirty contemporary artists, the exhibition presents all the different facets of the works of Leonardo da Vinci : self-portrait, feminine portrait, extraordinary machinery, drapery, anatomy, history painting, codex, and landscape painting.   Works by : Pierre ARDOUVIN, Adel ABDESSEMED, Delphine BALLEY, Katia BOURDAREL, Catherine BRET-BROWNSTONE, ChangKi CHUNG, Céline CLERON, Nicolas DARROT, Laurent GRASSO, Christian HIDAKA, Ange LECCIA, Wolfe von LENKIEWICZ, Fabien MERELLE, Jean-Luc MOERMAN, ORLAN, PANAMARENKO, Laurent PERBOS, Antoine ROEGIERS, Daniel SCHLIER, Andres SERRANO, Jean-Luc VERNA.   The exhibition also sheds light on the flow of influences between France and Italy, from the early sixteenth Century to the works of Italian female artists of today such as Antonella BUSSANICH, Alessandra CAPODACQUA, Giulia ANDREANI and Alessandra RAGIONIERI.