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Pumpkin Feast, September 8th 2019

Conservatory of the Vegetable of the Region Centre

Discover the pumpkin feast of the gardens of le Rivau, inside Gargantua's kitchen garden.
A rendezvous that cannot be ignored: the pumpkin festival of Le Rivau makes the whole family dream and like this cucurbit!

With its pumpkins jugglers, its acrobats perched on fabulous marrows, the sculptures of pumpkins or the delicious tastings proposed by the chef, expert in natural wealth and nature cure, the pumpkin festival is a delight!

Magicians and storytellers entertain the children in the middle of the fabled Rivau’s pumpkins.
Because don’t forget: different types of pumpkins, courgettes, patty pans, calabashes and bitter apples… grown in the respect of the organic farming. In September, the pumpkins are the queens of Le Rivau!

Enorme citrouille au rivau


Many activities

Many greedy, botanical and artistic activities:
Discovering, sculpting, listening to, spoiling, savouring… cucurbits! Listen the musical fairytale Cabassou de Gourdisson of Lagénaria Musica y their orchestration “Sounds and Vegetables”.

Play with the Malle aux Ballons and sculpt balloons of any forms. Discover the very colourful universe with the creations of the big imaginary hats.
Draw the enchanting pumpkins with the games and workshops of the Traveller Tree.
Take advantage of the new “organic” ideas with the gardeners of Le Rivau, who will explain you how Gargantua’s Kitchen Garden is improved with handmade nettle liquid fertilizer. And why edible plants and flowers are associated with a technique called companionship!

Sculpt the pumpkins with Lionel Mauny.
Estimate the weight of the biggest pumpkin of Le Rivau.
The children are invited to dress up as pumpkins for the election of Miss and Mister Pumpkin.
Savour the delicious Emmanuel Astier’s pumpkins recipes.
Discover our guest of honour’s secrets: the Creator of the cheese St Maure de Touraine.
Enjoy the regional food called “fouées” and “fouaces” of Dominique Briquet and do your shopping.

Adults: 9 euros
Children (5 to 16): 6 euros
Family pass: (2 adults + 2 children): 30 euros

Many Pumpkins


Kitchen Garden in Chateau du Rivau