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Garden'Day, on June 2nd and 3rd

A Tribute to Roses

Roses are the stars of Rivau gardens with a collection of more than 450 varities of Fragrant roses
For the National Gardens Week-ends that takes place during the rose blooming season she has invited plant experts to share their passion with the public (the Fragrant Roses Collection at Le Rivau is listed Heritage Plants Collection):


For Families

-Many activities for kids to transform them into perfect gardeners:
- Family visit of the gardens
- Create your own perfumwith Melanie and Camille
- Create Paper roses .
- Booklet : discover our roses
- June 4th at 5pm : Conference on Rose and its history for families
Please come on saturday to avoid the crowd


- On June 2nd and 3rd at 11.30am and 5pm : Finish Artist Nanné Frémont will teach you how to create Himmeli, those beautiful and natural sculptures made out of straw.
- On June 2nd and 3rd at 4pm , conference on "magical world of perfumed roses" by Jacques Mouchotte,former director of Meilland International, the famous rose creator.
- On June 2nd and 3rdPoetical Dialog betwen the masterpiece of Robert Schuman and Nicola Ferrari the director of the school of Music of Genova
- On June 3rd at 5pm conferance and workshop on the creation of a rose garden, with Patricia Laigneau the creator of garden Rivau.
- On June 2nd and 3rd: Conferance for kids and families : Rose history for kids
- On June 3rd from 2pm : how to paint roses with Anna FIlimonova

Fete des roses



Adults : 8,5 €
Kids (5-18) : 6€.
Less people on Saturday
Restaurant and Bar available - Please Book at 02 47 95 77 47