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Autumn Flower Festival on Oct 26th and 27th

Autumn Colors in the Garden

For our autumn flower festival, many garden specialist explain the art of gardening and for families we organises many activities.

The gardens of Château du Rivau will display a collection of numerous varieties of Chrisanthemum and chrisanthemum Cascades. Chrisanthemum in France are associated with the All Saints Ceremonies as the flower blooms quite late in the season. But the "Golden Flower" (Chrystos : gold et Anthemon : Flower) that was brought to Europe from Asia, by a Dutch traveller in the XVII Century is the symbol of longevity in China and used as medicinal plant against cancer.

In Japan, Chrisanthemum are the Flowers of the Emperor since the Heian Dynasty. Japonese people have a very orginal way of cultivating Chrisanthemum and can have a plant bloom more than a 100 flowers at the same time. In Korea, Chrysanthemum are the symbol of Joy.


The Golden Flower