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14 gardens in Rivau


Patricia Laigneau


The Rivau Gardening Team

The Gardeners

Thanks to our 5 gardeners, the 6ha of gardens are beautiful every day of the season.

Michel cuts, prunes and removes weeds all day to make our gardens what they are. He is also in charge of the Kitchen garden, the Greenhouse and our Topiaries.

Sarah is English and she is passionate about sustainability so she takes care of our roses and vegetables using nettle manure. She is very knowledgeable on auxiliary insects and homeopathic medicine for plants.

Gary, another English gardener, working formerly for Villandry gardens and for gardens in the south of France is in charge of the pruning and the irrigation.

Dominique, started gardening after another career but she is now highly qualified. She works all day weeding, cutting and combing to get rid of the unwanted plants.

Jérome is in charge of keeping the grass under control and having perfect alleys.Together all these people work really hard under the control of Patricia Laigneau, they work really hard to make Rivau gardens what they are today !

Partnership with the Laval School of Horticulture in Laval

The "Centre de formation horticole de Laval" , in Canada and Castle Rivau have been partners since 2013. This partnership is founded by an intercultural exchange. Each year, young graduates from Laval come and help Rivau gardeners for a month. Their help is crucial but they also contribute to a rich cultural exchange and fun times for both sides ! This partnership reinforces the links between the two French speaking countries.

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