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Many events in June in our gardens

La vie en roses

2017 is the year of gardens in the Loire valley. At Le Rivau, we chose to cast the spotlight on our listed Fragrant Roses Collection. Beginning on the 21st of May through to the 2nd of July, we will embark on a rose marathon, that we called "la vie en roses". Every Sunday and bank holiday, we will host a cultural event celebrating those amazing flowers. Poetry reading, music, the art of perfume, history, sensory workshop, readings, gastronomy, take your pick!

June Roses Events

- The highlight of our "la vie - June 3rd and 4th : Lecture on the magical world of fragrant roses by Jacques Mouchotte, former director of research at Meilland International, and breeder for the Maison Meilland from 1978 to 2013.
- June 3rd and 4th : Finnish artist Nanné Frémont will show you how to craft your own Himmeli, beautiful hanging structures on which to grow roses.
- June 3rd and 4th : Poetical dialogue with the works of Schumann, by composer Nicolas Ferari, head of the Genoa School of Music. He will explain the various relationships between musical notes and roses.
- June 3rd and 4th Painting Roses workshop with Anna Filimonova, a celebrated outdoor artist.
- June 4th : A History of the Rose for children and a workshop by Fabrice Chollet from Hortus Focus and who published Abundant yields in a small garden (Ulmer).
- June 11th : Taste the Rose workshop. Let yourself be taken for a stroll around Le Rivau’s Fragrant Roses Collection by Noémie Villard, who used to be a plant nursery expert and has now turned to writing. She will tell you all about the art of “green cooking,” using wild and domesticated plantsincluding roses. - June 11th : Literary walk “The rose does not ask why.” Audrey Guiard, a specialist librarian, will try to understand why writers have always been so in love with roses.
- June 18th Show in the gardens : The Ideal Rose, an original musical creation based on the fairytale The princess and the blue rose, with a music based on Images for piano and orchestra by Debussy. By the Ophelia musical ensemble.
- June 18th Visit of the different rose gardens of Le Rivau with Gérard Heubrecq, a Belgian rose breeder. - June 23rd and 24th : Sensory workshop. A fun-filled way of discovering the various perfumes of roses and the products derived from them .
- June 25th : Stroll through the gardens with Colette Cassin, a landscape architect who will explain all the possible associations between roses and perennial plants at Le Rivau.
- Practical lecture and workshop on the creation of a rose garden, focusing specifically on fragrant roses: which varieties to chose, which other plants to use as companions, where to plant them, etc. By Patricia Laigneau, the creator of the gardens of le Rivau, which were awarded the Remarkable Gardens distinction in 2003 (every Sunday during the “La vie en Roses” event).

July Roses Events

- July 2nd :Lecture on the symbolism of the Rose by Patrick Mioulane, garden expert.

Rose souvenir bataille marengo

Rose Souvenir de la bataille de Marengo in the Gardens of Rivau