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Regional Vegetable Conservatory

Domestic Biodiversity in our region

The APJRC (Regional association of gardens and parcs) and the URGC (Regional Union of genetic ressources) has developed a project on the cultural valorisation of regional vegetables. This project is part of a regional approch that aims at preserving our vegetable heritage and is led by URGC and Tours City of Gastronomy. Castle and Gardens of the region are real regional assets and our an ideal location to promote our regional vegetable varieties. By folowing this project le Rivau Castle becomes an ambassador of our regional vegetable to the general public

vegetable conservatory

Collection of pumpkins in le Rivau gardens

Le Rivau Garden grows the following regional vegetables varieties

- Chou Navet Jaune St Marc

- Barangeonnier Bean
This variety is a peasan variety that comes from the Berry region. Its name derrives from the River : Barangeon.

- Berry Pumpkin
The Berry Pumpkin is famous of its flavor that allowed it to join the Tasting Arch of Slowfood. Inside it is fine and sugary, it can therefore be used both for deserts and main courses. It can be kept from 4 to 8 months and can even be frozen.

- Touraine Pumkin
This Pumpkin is used for making jam and soups. When it is not cooked it can be conumeds in vinager a bit like pickles. The inside of the seeds were also used for making oil or for small candies called "dragées". This pumpkin can be kept from 2 to 5 months.

A restaurant with home grown products

the vegetable growing in the gardens and around le Rivau castle are proposed to the visitors in our restaurant. Regional Variety can therefore be tasted, season permitting.